This is a Guide to using the Submission Form for the listing

This listing is for Malaysian General Practitioners (private) and Specialists (Public and Private)
Please DO NOT USE ALL CAPS, please submit using Capitalised Text
Only ONE submission is allowed per doctor/account. Your email address is required so that we can create the account for you
If you need to make changes, DO NOT resubmit. You can do so only after an account is created for you, then you can edit your listing. Please note that when you edit a listing, it will go back into the moderation queue and temporarily disappear from the public listing

  1. Name : Please enter your Full Name. Initials and incomplete names will not be listed. You may add a Prefix if you wish e.g. Dato, Prof etc. I suggest no need Dr since all are Drs.
  2. Titles : Put in your professional qualifications here e.g. MBBS , MD, PhD etc. Honorifics can be added here too, if any e.g. DPMB
  3. Category: Select at least either GP or Specialist, then one of the subcategories. For specialists, the subcategories follow the NSR Specialties. If your special interest or field of practice is not listed,  you can include it in your Practice Notes section which is also searchable.
  4. Image: Please upload a passport photo of yourself. It will enhance the look of your profile and make it stand out
  5. Logo: Upload a logo of your choice for your practice if you wish. It may appear only in certain listing formats.
  6.  Address: Put your practice address here. Multiple addresses are possible, categorised as Clinic, Hospital, Centre or Organisation. While you can set an address to Public or Private, normally you would want to leave it as Public
  7. Phone numbers: Put the public phone numbers you wish to be listed e.g. Main, Appointment lines etc. If you wish to list a Private number e.g. a Mobile phone number, you can do so. Private numbers are visible only to doctors who have Logged in to
  8. Email address: Put your email address here – it is required if you want to be able to edit or update your listing later.
    Visibility set to public means the email address is visible to all. If set to private, then it is visible only to doctors who are logged in to
  9. Links: At the Minimum put in your MMC number (in the Title). Specialists may optionally put your NSR number You can link these numbers to the MMC website if you look up your MMC number here,   and link to the NSR website if you look up your NSR listing here.  You can also optionally put in your practice website or other links such as your LinkedIn profile or Telemedicine link.
  10. Biography: You can list your training background and experience here
  11. Practice notes: Use this section to enter your practice focus. All text in this section are also searchable which can help visitors locate specific practices.
  12. Business hours: You can optionally put your business hours assigned to each day of the week. For each day, use the sliding tool to set the hour and minutes (best use a PC for this)